Training for your Group...Staff...School...or Association.  

Have your Continuing Education Committee review the

Educational Content - Learning Objectives - Biographical  Sketch and Resume

This should absolutely meet your IACET/CEU standards for sure - contact us for questions.


Character Education seminar is a fascinating one hour interactive

KEYNOTE presentation

Resume, Bio-Sketch and B2BP Program outlines are below for your review

 6-Hour Program  - $995 - plus travel expenses

1-3-Hour Program - $695 - plus travel expenses

We can accommodate ANY size group (and I mean any)

Get sponsors & vendors  to offset your costs

Offer CEU's as needed

6 hour Comprehensive B2BP educational program - this can be lengthened  or shortened based on your programming needs. $995 - per day


Games & Play - a 1-3 hour program 


Character Education - a 1-3 hour program 

B2BP Day Long Training.pdf B2BP Day Long Training.pdf
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Games and Play Outline.pdf Games and Play Outline.pdf
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Character Education Outline.pdf Character Education Outline.pdf
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LaRue Bio Sketch.pdf LaRue Bio Sketch.pdf
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LaRue resume.pdf LaRue resume.pdf
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