PlayMaker - Games Grid

Looking for a tool to create like 80,000 possible games?
We can teach and show you - 
  • ... how to CREATE
  • to ADAPT
  • to get participants (any age) to INTERACT
  • to PROBLEM SOLVE & make decisions
  • act as a TEAM
*Character - you are what you have become *


 Yours to download and use for FREE

Resolution is formatted to print on 24" x 36" paper

You can certainly print it on 11" x 17" (lots less $$)

Get it laminated (dry erase markers work great)

Gameboard (High Res) 1 is the full board

Gameboard(High Res) 2 is the "fill in the blanks"

(by chance you want to customize the Grid)

Gameboard (High Res)1.pdf Gameboard (High Res)1.pdf
Size : 154.402 Kb
Type : pdf
Gameboard (High Res)2.pdf Gameboard (High Res)2.pdf
Size : 141.647 Kb
Type : pdf


Put together your own kit to complement the PlayMaker Grid.

The items shown below are an example of everything that can be packed into a

carrying bag for easy use!

Yep - we call it..."A program in a bag"

The carry bag and toys - shown in the "kit" below - were purchased through S&S Worldwide Games - contact them direct to order a catalog - then order whatever components you need. Contact them at

(Back2BasicPlay, Inc does not sell equipment - nor endorse any particular supplier)

The PlayMaker Games Grid performs much better when you use a 12-sided dice.  We suggest you contact and order direct.

Item # 532614 - This is a large Foam item - current retail is around $8.00

Item #530395 - this is a (bag of 25) - small dice current retail is around $7.00 per bag

ABOVE - all of that...fits into one totally neat Equipment Bag.
12 Hoops; 4 Scooters; 12 Rubber Chickens; 2 Large Playground Balls; 6 Small Coated Foam Balls; 1 Large Coated Foam Ball; 2 Goggles; 1 Parachute; 12 Discs; 12 Rubber Spots; 6 Foam Boppers; 1 Pair of Dice; Carry Bag with Strap

*  Equipment suggested &identified in the PlayMaker Games Grid *